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The U.S. Capitol insurrection was years in the making – Source

On Wednesday, a riotous crowd of Donald Trump’s supporters marched on the U.S. Capitol at the president’s urging. They fought with police, broke windows and doors, and snaked their way down the historic hallways inside. They made their way to the floor of the evacuated Senate chamber. One stood behind the dais, his right fist lifted in the air, and yelled, “Trump won that election!”

The unprecedented moment disrupted the electoral vote counting to secure Joe Biden’s status as the next president. Even as the Capitol Police struggled to secure the safety of members of Congress, Democrats secured a second win in the Georgia runoffs that will give the party control over the U.S. Senate. How did we get here?

For months before Election Day, the president had been repeating that the national election would be rigged, despite all evidence to the contrary. But the insurrection in Washington has been building long before this election cycle. Trump has been undermining the efficacy of…

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