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This cellphone case came from the ocean – Video – Source CNET Tech

In January of 2018, China began the National Sword Policy and stopped accepting recycled goods from many countries.
This caused a rippling effect across the globe, and many countries are now struggling to figure out what to do with all their plastic waste.
So now what?
Joining us today is Alex Schulze of 4Ocean, who in 2017 founded the company with his friend Andrew Cooper.
And to date they have cleaned up 11 million pounds of garbage out of our ocean, streams, and rivers.
Thanks for joining us Alex, I really appreciate your time.
Thank you very much for having me Steven, it’s a pleasure to meet you.
So you guys founded the company in 2017.
You were surfers and you noticed there’s a lot of garbage surrounding you.
So you got inspired and you founded this company.
Tell us how you’ve managed to scale up the company so fast.
So the company was founded just by…

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