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This map uses smart thermometers to detect COVID-19’s spread – Source

Created in collaboration with Benjamin Dalziel, an assistant professor at Oregon State University’s department of biology, the map uses current sickness levels to predict illness weeks into the future, then it compares that projection against typical flu levels. What that yields is a map highlighting areas where people are getting sicker than should be expected. The company refers to this latter category as “atypical illness” or unexpected outbreak. Much of the atypical illness map is gray, denoting either normal levels of illness or insufficient data. But certain areas, like Florida, are washed in red and orange.

“Now I cannot definitely tell you that the unexpected outbreak is COVID-19, but I can tell you something weird is going on here,” says Inder Singh, Kinsa’s CEO and founder. Because of the speed with which the coronavirus is spreading, there is a chance that the additional illness could be COVID-19. However, he says that by layering in other data from public…

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