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This simple feature makes video meetings way more productive – Source

During this pandemic, we’ve learned that we can achieve intimacy by using video chat. Whether it’s colleagues working from home or friends and family socializing on the weekends, this once-in-a-century crisis proves that even when we are not physically together, we can still productively continue with our work and move our personal lives forward.

In the workplace, a new trend has emerged due to the overwhelming shift to video meetings. It’s become commonplace to complement your facial expressions, voice, and screen shares with real-time chat messages which can be read by all attendees. This dual-medium collaboration style, which creates richer, more productive meetings, is a new soft skill that can help folks establish stronger relationships with their colleagues, clients, and professional network.

Dual-medium creativity is growing

My company recently held a well-attended, extensive meeting via live video. It was not only time well spent for all who participated, but it also…

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