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TikTok sale gets extended, NASA powers up its Mars helicopter and more Fortnite fights Trump issues new order to force TikTok sale: What you need to know 9 great reads from CNET this week Epic sues Apple and Google, judge issues injunction against Uber and Lyft Microsoft's Surface Duo could be revolutionary, or a two-screen disaster phone Text spam is annoying and dangerous; here's how to stop it Fortnite maker Epic's battle with Apple and Google is about making them into villains Fortnite maker sues Apple in battle over direct payments Fortnite app banned on iOS, Android shops TikTok's US employees plan to sue Trump administration over executive order Pinterest's former COO sues for alleged gender discrimination TikTok, WeChat bans could make Apple iPhone shipments drop up to 30%, analyst says – Source CNET Tech

In today’s tech headlines, Trump issues a new executive order on TikTok, NASA charges its Mars helicopter and the Epic Fortnite Apple Google stoush continues online with a few subtle jabs.

The president has issued two executive orders targeting the popular video app.

Why Microsoft’s Surface Duo isn’t an iPhone or Galaxy Fold, how Epic is painting Apple and Google as comic book villains, and what a Vice President Kamala Harris would mean for tech.

This week’s major tech headlines include Epic Games’ fight against Apple and Google and a San Francisco judge’s injuction against Uber and Lyft.

Exclusive: Microsoft spent five years working on a super-thin, dual-screen, hinged phone to compete with Apple and Samsung. We got the behind-the-screen look.

These days, savvy scammers aren’t just harassing us with phone calls, but by text message too. If you’ve ever received these annoying and even dangerous texts, here are some tips on how to keep yourself safe and how to avoid these texts…

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