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Keyboard shortcuts are great—they save you a few seconds each and every time you use them. And if you use them often, that’s a lot of seconds saved. But there’s one problem: just because they’re shortcuts, doesn’t necessarily make them better. Which is why I heavily rely on an app called Keyboard Maestro.

Keyboard shortcuts should be easy to pull off and easy to remember, but that’s not always the case. Take Option+Shift+Command+I, for example, which brings up a window for reporting a Google Chrome issue. Or Option+Shift+Command+V to paste and match style in Safari. Granted, you may not use these shortcuts very often, but four keys for a keyboard shortcut? Pfft.

Even some of the more practical keyboard shortcuts still require some dexterity. In Slack, Command+G brings up the search bar to find a past message, which I do often. But trying to hit that key combo with one hand—at least with my small hands—is like playing a game of Finger Twister. (Yes, it’s a 

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