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Tips for successful remote work – Source fastcompany.com

Even before COVID-19 led people to turn their dining rooms into makeshift offices, remote work was on the rise. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many businesses have found that remote work makes it increasingly difficult to preserve their company culture. After all, perks such as childcare, happy hours, and social lunches don’t mean much if you’re not on-site. What’s more, remote work has the potential to throttle the kind of free-flowing collaboration and brainstorming that happens when people are in the same space.

That said, remote work is not without benefits. In fact, when done right, it’s a win for companies and employees. According to research from Owl Labs, people who work remotely at least once a month are 24% more likely to report that they are happy than those who don’t. Moreover, companies that allow remote work have 25% less turnover. It’s true that maintaining a sense of camaraderie and navigating personal nuances is harder in a remote environment—harder but not…

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