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Today only: Celebrate Leap Day with a $50 delivery order from 7-11 for just $21 – Source CNET Internet News



As we all learned in grade school, the ancient Romans celebrated Leap Day by binging on inexpensive pizza. At least that’s my recollection; I didn’t pay attention in history class. The good news is that since I didn’t learn from history, I’m doomed to repeat it. Today only — Feb. 29 — you can buy up to five freshly baked pizza from participating 7-11 stores for just 2.29, which is 67% off the regular price per pie. You can order your Leap Pizzas and have them delivered right to your door through 7-11’s 7NOW app for iOS or 7NOW for Android. You can also download the app from 7-11’s 7NOW online store

The $2.29 deal applies to any of 7-11’s three pizzas: the triple cheese, pepperoni, or extreme meat. If you order more than five…

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Source CNET Internet News

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