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Traveling for the holidays? Check COVID-19 risk scores first – Source

Just how risky is it to travel for the holidays this year? With rising rates of COVID-19, many experts are recommending a moratorium on holiday gatherings. But for those who are trying to decide whether they still want to travel, smart-thermometer company Kinsa has created predictive COVID-19 risk scores for every county in the U.S.

[Image: courtesy of Kinsa]

The new risk scores build on the Healthweather map the company launched earlier this year, which shows whether states are at low, medium, or high risk of rising cases and highlights when cases might surge. Now users can enter their zip code and get a risk score for their region. For example, Hennepin County in Minnesota, where Minneapolis is located, has a critical risk score of 83 (100 being the most critical). The app warns people to exercise extreme caution in the area because case numbers are very high and the virus is spreading rapidly there.

[Image: courtesy of Kinsa]

The risk scores are based on Kinsa’s temperature data…

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