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Trello’s new version turns it into a productivity superhub – Source fastcompany.com

If there’s one thing Trello’s known for, it’s boards.

Trello, perhaps more than any other productivity app out there, is associated with a board-centric method of organization known as Kanban. Rather than relying on documents or spreadsheets or lists to keep track of projects, the service presents users with a series of visual boards, each of which is divided into a series of columns. It gives you individual cards that can contain notes, tasks, ideas, or practically anything else imaginable, and you can drag and drop those cards between the columns to categorize and manage them.

That model has been the essence of Trello’s appeal and the reason both companies and individuals have turned to it since the software’s debut nearly a decade ago. (The app was acquired by enterprise software giant Atlassian in 2017.) But now Trello is hoping to change the way you think of it as its makers expand their sights beyond those boards and into a whole new level of organization.

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