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Watch this AI help train a dog—and reward him with a treat Facebook has deleted 19,500 groups tied to ‘militarized social moveme… – Source

AI just learned a new trick. Good AI!

The company released its quarterly Community Standards Enforcement Report Thursday and touted its progress on taking down pages associated with violent groups between August 2020 and mid-January 2021.

Video meetings should always take advantage of the chat function, which provides a newly collaborative way to get work done together.

Civil rights legislation addressing the harms caused by AI could be on its way.

This browser-based tool was designed for both amateurs and pros—and, above all, for amateurs and pros who team up on design projects.

To bring back privacy, we need both encryption and decentralization.

As advertisers find it harder to track you via cookies, they’re turning to sneakier technologies—collectively known as supercookies—to do the job.

The Silenced No More Act releases workers who’ve faced any kind of discrimination from their nondisclosure agreements.

Training programs and new recruitment strategies can help…

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