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What happens to body image in the Metaverse – Source

Today, it’s almost impossible to open your phone without scrolling across a mention of the ever-looming metaverse. This convergence of digital worlds—a new realm that grants infinite access to every XR experience imaginable—feels suddenly closer than we ever thought possible.

That’s because, in the past, we tried to build these worlds with a heavy focus on AR and VR technology, but we were missing the underlying digital economies that would help make users stick. To some degree, we’d built the car without the gas to power it. But that’s where crypto and NFTs come in. These digital assets not only offer novel ways to purchase virtual goods, but also unlock a new set of interactive experiences that have the potential to make our current social media landscape obsolete.

Yet, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from web2 giants like Snap and Facebook-owned Instagram, it’s that social media’s damaging effects are particularly harmful to girls and women.

In fact, internal…

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