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What if nasal swabs only show us part of the picture of COVID-19? – Video – Source CNET Tech

For over six months into COVID-19 and still know surprisingly little about how it spreads through our population, how it affects population wellness.
Now why?
Ted Smith is gonna have some ideas about this.
He is the director of the Center for healthy air, water and soil at the University of Louisville’s environment Institute.
We’re gonna dig into that word in just a moment.
Ted’s got an interesting background.
He’s the hardest guy to find on LinkedIn because you’re always sure you have found the wrong Ted Smith.
Before this.
He was the head of smart city innovation for the city of Louisville, which is a very smart and ambitious city on that front.
Before that he was head of b2b and enterprise coverage here at CNET.
That’s where I first met him.
Before that many years ago, he was developing VR at Accenture so you know, you don’t let a lot of moss grow around you…

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