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This article is part of Fast Company‘s Lessons of COVID package, exploring some of the ways America has changed since the pandemic hit and what we have learned from it. Click here to read the entire series.

Eight months after offices locked down, schools shut their doors, and hospitals started bracing for an onslaught of COVID-19 patients, we are well into a second major surge. December 9 delivered the highest number of single-day deaths from the virus since the onset of the pandemic, more than 3000. Yet, the following day, we received a glimmer of hope when an FDA panel gave the green light to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, which will go into use within a matter of days.

While the days of the pandemic may now be numbered, we face some grim weeks ahead, as death tolls continue to climb toward what the University of Washington predicts will total more than half a million by April.

What have we learned from this scourge? Even…

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