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Why AI is a small business owner’s new best friend – Source

Why AI is a small business owner’s new best friend

On this episode, Mayra sits down with Ariege Misherghi, accountant segment business leader at Intuit, to discuss why artificial intelligence tools are not replacing human workers but augmenting them and what every business owner needs to know to leverage AI to help grow their business.



How do technologies like automation and machine learning actually help accountants and bookkeepers with small business customers?


Yeah, so when I think about the work that a small business does… I mean no small business entered small business-hood in order to do their accounting. That is not their objective. It’s the last thing on their mind. So when you think about what automation can do and what technologies like artificial intelligence can do and into its leveraging machine learning is as a form of artificial intelligence. When we use these technologies, what we’re effectively trying to…

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