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Why an inclusive capitalism leader is intrigued by Web3 – Source

The tech world is gearing up for the next digital revolution. Buzzwords are everywhere: Crypto, NFTs, Web3. Tech icons from Mark Zuckerberg to Jack Dorsey have renamed their companies in their enthusiasm for the metaverse and blockchain technologies. In reaction to the rise of private cryptocurrencies, central banks are exploring whether to issue their own digital currencies, and policymakers are contemplating how to regulate private stablecoins (cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat money like the U.S. dollar) because they function like savings deposits.

As I see it, the future will not be either/or. It will not be analog vs. digital, not centralized vs. decentralized finance, not central-bank issued vs. private currency. Our future work and financial lives will likely unfold in a combination of all of the above—in a brave new hybrid world with new opportunities for economic participation and ownership, but also new challenges of exclusion and to privacy. It is up to…

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