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Why another restock won’t last – Source fastcompany.com

If you’re engaged in a daily ritual of trying to find stores that have restocked their PlayStation 5 supply, you might’ve had a glimmer of hope this morning.

Tom’s Guide reports that select Target stores were showing some PlayStation 5 consoles in stock. A quick search reveals that a few Targets in the New York City metro area have stock, but I’m not seeing any stores in my local Cincinnati area where that’s the case. Since you can’t reserve a console online, even rushing out to a nearby store based on inventory listings could be a fruitless endeavor.

The Midwest supermarket chain Meijer also posted a Playstation 5 “restock alert” on Twitter, but with no way to check inventory online. Meijer’s Twitter account says you’ll have to show up at the store and look for a sign to confirm that the console is in stock—and presumably buy some groceries while you’re there if you come up empty.

Meanwhile, Kotaku reports on a chaotic scene at a retailer in Tokyo, which tried…

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