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Why Apple’s iPad still matters . . . a lot – Source

Apple celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iPad a few weeks ago. And even though the iconic tablet’s biggest days are probably behind it, it continues to have a lot of influence the way computer makers design laptops, tablets, and hybrids today.

I was privileged to be at the iPad launch and to hear Steve Jobs talk about the new device’s potential impact on the mobile computing market. He said that the iPad is the real computer for the masses. If PCs and laptops are like trucks, he argued, then iPads would be like cars. People purchase trucks to do specific jobs, like hauling, Jobs explained, while cars are everyday vehicles used for all kinds of tasks. That’s why the majority of vehicles on the roads today are cars, not trucks.

For awhile, it appeared that Jobs might have been right. Apple gave the iPad its own flavor of iOS, which helped inspire developers to go out and create great apps that exploited the size and functionality of the new device. All that helped push the…

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