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Why Comcast’s 1.2 TB data cap is too small – Source

A less frequent reaction: “How could you?” As in, how could any one person possibly burn through that much data in a month?

The threshold that Comcast will start enforcing next year on subscribers in the northeast does, indeed, allow for a lot of online life before getting socked by surcharges of $10 for each extra 50 GB, up to $100 a month. For example, streaming 200 hours of high-definition Netflix (at 3 GB an hour) would still leave half that 1.2 TB allocation free. Comcast claims that about 95% of its customers nationally do not reach that threshold.

But as users who have ascended these heights of data use can testify, it’s never just one or two things. With entire families working and learning remotely, data use can add up quickly.

“We’re streaming video for work, we’re streaming video for school, and we’re streaming video for entertainment,” emails Avi Greengart, president and lead analyst at research firm Techsponential. “If you have multiple people in your…

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