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Why deplatforming may have radicalized some Trump supporters – Source

All was quiet in front of the United States Capitol Wednesday morning, save for the Marine band playing in the background. A small masked audience milled on the lawn. The scene was a pleasant contrast to the events that took place just two week before.

In the days since the attack on the Capitol, the spread of misinformation concerning the election has dropped drastically. A report from Zignal Labs found that chatter about fraud during the election was down 73% in the week after January 6, according to The Washington Post. Social media platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter have raced to pull down content, groups, and individual accounts associated with the violence in the capital. Meanwhile, Twitter took down 70,000 accounts associated with QAnon. YouTube suspended President Trump’s account. Amazon Web Services refused to host unmoderated social platform Parler. Even Airbnb took action, canceling stays in Washington, D.C. during the week of the…

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