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Why strikes at DoorDash and Instacart have flopped – Source

On October 16, an unknown number of drivers for grocery delivery service Instacart went on strike. These shoppers, as Instacart calls its independent contractors, vowed to forgo logging onto the app that provides their dispatches. Other drivers who couldn’t afford to go without work still promised to reject the lowest-paying grocery orders, which pay $7 to the driver. The protestors demanded that Instacart meet a number of demands around higher fees, commissions, and tips, plus a reformed rating system.

You might have known about the strike if you read the technology business press or followed it on Twitter. But if you are an Instacart customer, you probably didn’t notice it. Organizers couldn’t provide a figure of how many people took part, but they concede it’s a small number compared to Instacart’s more than half a million shoppers.

In a Facebook group, Instacart workers vent frustration at colleagues who settle for low-paying assignments.

The striking Instacart drivers…

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