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Why we’re not canceling Halloween or trick-or-treating this year – Source

How do you celebrate Halloween during a global pandemic? A website sponsored by the Halloween and Costume Association aims to answer this question by pairing color-coded maps from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that outline the pandemic’s current severity in different counties with the precautions one should take for celebrating Halloween.

We live in a yellow zone—like much of the country—and what is the CDC’s big advice? “Give out treats outdoors, if possible.”

Has anyone at the CDC even been trick-or-treating in the last 50 years? Apparently people at the agency live in that super creepy house where they invite children inside on Halloween night to chat in their parlor.

The CDC has spooked many with its bewildering classification that trick-or-treating can increase the spread of COVID-19, leading some city officials to discourage the classic Halloween activity and ban other types of Halloween events. The agency implied that getting free candy from…

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