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Why you should probably vote in person after all – Source

We already knew that Donald Trump and his minions had been working hard to sow doubt in the integrity of mail-in ballots, in a year when millions would like to use them to avoid the health risk of voting in person. They’re working to develop a pretext for declaring the election illegitimate in the event of a defeat. A contested election could result in two candidates showing up on January 20 to take the oath of office, Gellman points out.

But Trump, his lawyers, and GOP allies in state governments could also work the vote-by-mail narrative into an outright win. State governors could declare that the official ballot count does not accurately represent the will of the voters, and then choose their own set of Trump-supporting electoral college electors. If this happened in a few swing states it could secure a Trump win.

Then, Gellman makes a surprising statement at the end of the piece: “If you are a voter, think about voting in person after all.” Election experts have for months…

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