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Windows 10 tips and tricks: Secret start menu, taking screenshots and more – Source CNET Computer News


These Windows 10 tips and tricks can save you time and effort.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Whether you’ve been using Windows 10 for years or have only recently upgraded, there are plenty of new and old tips, tricks and hidden features to learn that will make using your laptop every day faster and smoother. For example, finding the secret Start menu and saving battery power with a simple trick.

Microsoft doesn’t typically publicize its hidden features the way Apple does, which can make it more difficult to know how to get the most out of the machine you use day in and day out.

Even learning how to upgrade to Windows 10 for free can be tricky. You’ll want to do this ASAP, by the way, since support for Windows 7 ended in January. So no…

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Source CNET Computer News

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