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Yelp’s new COVID-19 information is based on user reports – Source

Over its sixteen-year history, Yelp has helped untold numbers of consumers answer such vital questions as whether a particular eatery’s vibe skews kid-friendly or romantic. But starting more than 10 months ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc with local commerce, such matters were overwhelmed by others of a sobering, even dire nature.

Suddenly, mundane facts such as operating hours were subject to abrupt change after abrupt change. Depending on restrictions in place, your hairstylist might be tending to clients at greatly reduced capacity—possibly outside on the sidewalk—or have temporarily closed. You might even have been left wondering if it was even safe to visit a cherished neighborhood institution at all, assuming it had managed to stay in business.

It was obvious right away that Yelp would need to help consumers and businesses deal with these unwelcome new issues. It did. However, rather than being something that the San Francisco-based company could address with a…

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