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Yubo lets popular creators earn YuBucks—and, later, dollars – Source

Yubo, the video-based social media platform aimed at Generation Z, has launched a program letting popular streamers earn in-app rewards.

Called the Pixel Reward Program, and launched in December, it allows people who create engaging streams to receive Pixels, which are essentially trading-card-style images available for purchase on the platform, from their fans. When they receive the Pixels, they also get 30% of the purchase price in YuBucks, Yubo’s internal currency, which can be used to pay for features like boosting a stream’s placement in the app.

[Image: courtesy of Yubo]

Livestreams on Yubo are intended to be conversations that other users can join in on, perhaps closer to FaceTime or Zoom chats than to the broadcast-like performances, cooking and craft demos, and comedy videos people post to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok, says Yubo CEO and cofounder Sacha Lazimi. The platform’s goal is to allow its young users—99% of Yubo’s users are between 13 and 25,…

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