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2 Alphabet Workers Union members on why Google unionized – Source

On Monday, more than 400 Google employees and contractors announced that they had formed the Alphabet Workers Union, a significant milestone in the tech worker movement at the company and in Silicon Valley.

Previously, efforts to unionize the highly paid workers at Big Tech firms have struggled. But in the past few years, workers have increasingly called for change, particularly at Google. Some of the search engine giant’s employees have protested the company’s contracts with the Department of Defense and Customs and Border Protection and have pushed back against a project to build a censored search engine for China. In 2018, Google’s worker discontent saw its largest eruption when more than 20,000 employees walked out over Google’s handling of sexual harassment cases. Most recently, outraged employees spoke out against the way top AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru was forced out of Google in December.

Amid its workforce’s increasingly outspoken activism, Google has fired…

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