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2-in-1 laptops focus on being laptops, not iPad competitors – Source

Ten years ago, when Apple introduced the iPad, it initially downplayed the versatility of its new gadget. Instead of positioning it as a rival to the PC, Apple called it the ideal device for a subset of tasks for which a phone was too little and a laptop was too much. Soon, though, it became apparent that the iPad could be used for a lot more than that handful of specific tasks, and Apple anointed the tablet as its vision for the future of the PC.

Microsoft, whose Windows Mobile had been outplayed by the iPad’s smaller predecessor, the iPhone, took notice. It was one thing for Apple to have beaten Microsoft in what was then an emerging smartphone market, even though it had the potential to be far larger than the PC market. But the iPad represented a more existential threat to Microsoft’s bread and butter, its Windows business. The company countered by releasing Windows 8, a version of the operating system that was optimized for such input but which failed to attract many…

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