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3 threats to our election that no one is talking about – Source

The 2020 election season is officially upon us. But unlike years past, this year’s election cycle is fraught with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. And these lingering questions threaten to do more than deepen the apathy of a news-weary populace—they present an existential challenge to the foundation of our democratic institutions.

Between speculation about Russian meddling, voter fraud conspiracy theories, and concerns around voting machines being hacked, it’s easy to see why people might just throw up their hands in frustration and cry that the whole system is rigged.

Of course, this is likely the very motivation compelling a nation like Russia to pursue such a gambit: by sowing confusion and casting doubt on the foundation of our most democratic of institutions, they believe they are better positioned to advance their own political agenda.

Consequently, like a magician who tricks his audience using time-tested misdirection techniques, we, the electorate, are being overwhelmed…

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