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4 ways you can give your Android phone iPhone-level privacy – Source

One of the most appealing reasons to opt for an iPhone in recent years has been Apple’s ongoing commitment to enhance its devices’ privacy protections. Thanks to numerous privacy features built into the iPhone’s iOS operating system, Apple can boast that one of the key benefits of using its phone over Android phones is increased privacy.

And independent researchers have given credence to Apple’s marketing claims. Back in 2018, researchers from Vanderbilt University found that Android phones send 10 times more data to Google than iPhones do to Apple. Of course, Android adherents will point out that while Androids might give away more user data, Android’s ability to access more of its users’ data helps Google excel at providing far superior services. One example of this, they might say, is how much more useful Google’s Assistant is than Siri.

But what if an Android user could have the best of both worlds? The privacy of an iPhone with the utility of a platform powered by…

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