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Lina Khan has given her first on-camera interview since being named chair of the Federal Trade Commission. In it, the legal scholar, who has previously excoriated companies like Amazon for nimbly working around antitrust laws to undercut competitors and expand into new territory, talked about the current state of the commission. Below are five takeaways from her conversation with CNBC’s Aaron Sorkin and New York Times columnist Kara Swisher.

The agency is underfunded

“We are severely under-resourced,” Khan said of the FTC. There are currently 1,100 people working for the commission, which she says is about two-thirds of what staffing was like in the 1980s. What that means is that the agency will have to make tradeoffs in terms of what cases it pursues. “We have to make very difficult choices about which billion-dollar deals we’re making sure that we’re investigating,” she said.

Khan adds that choosing cases that have a market-wide impact and ultimately deter companies…

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