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A TLDR bill would force tech companies to simplify contracts – Source

You sign up for a new social media site or are trying to buy something online and when the terms of service agreement pops up, you breeze past it faster than you blaze through a yellow light when you’re 20 minutes late to an appointment.

Problem is: Those dense, dry, boring legal documents sometimes give companies the right to do a lot of things with your personal information. And in your haste to post or purchase, you sign away your rights without realizing it.

It’s a practice that has been well known for years, but the testimony of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen has put legal terms of service in the spotlight—and now a bipartisan group of Congressional lawmakers are looking to help people know just what they’re agreeing to.

The Terms-of-service Labeling, Design, and Readability Act—or, TLDR for short (who says Congress can’t be funny)—introduced Thursday, would require websites and online services to provide an easily digestible summary of their terms—without…

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