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DoomsdayX mints producer NFTs as the future of fandom – Source

NFTs entered the mainstream through the art world, as collectors paid headline-grabbing sums for digital works. And now there’s a growing number of Web3-first startups, including Catalog, Royal, and, betting on the music industry carrying the next big NFT wave.

Case in point: DoomsdayX, a new Web3 studio focused on developing tools and experiences to connect music fans and artists.

DoomsdayX, a sister company to video production outfit Doomsday Entertainment, announced today a $1.5-million pre-seed round led by The Chernin Group, as well as The Producer NFT Collection, a project that allows fans to have a say in the creative and marketing decisions of an artist’s music video.

Rapper Haleek Maul—no stranger to the crypto space, having sold several of his records on NFT auction house and music library Catalog—is DoomsdayX’s premier artist for The Producer NFT Collection.

Through the project, Maul will crowdfund $500,000 to shoot a music video in his homeland of…

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