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After Capitol riot, Hawley’s job as Big Tech cop is at risk – Source

Missouri senator Josh Hawley was caught by a photographer as he fist-pumped to a group of Trump rioters outside the Capitol building Wednesday. The image, which is being shared far and wide on the internet, will commemorate Hawley’s role as a primary enabler of the sacking of the Capitol Wednesday, a deep national wound that won’t soon heal.

It may also constrain his ability to enact regulation curbing Big Tech’s excesses, something for which the senator has quickly become known in his two years in Congress. As a result, Big Tech’s lobbyists and public policy people in Washington may be breathing a sigh of relief as Hawley’s political damage mounts.

Hawley was the first senator to commit to objecting to the counting of the electoral votes, citing an “unprecedented effort of mega corporations, including Facebook…

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