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AI can generate a real music video now – Source

“He left for a surf vacation for a week, and then 48 hours later he sent me this whole music video,” she says. “I don’t think I could think of anything more surreal and poignant and beautiful.”

Raskin does have an extensive design background—he’s a former design lead for Mozilla Firefox, and he’s been called the creator of infinite scroll interfaces—but he didn’t use any traditional design or video-editing software to create the video. Instead, he used artificial intelligence tools that allowed him to type in phrases describing what he wanted for various parts of the video, using descriptors like “sad and dark night sky with stars and the moon” and “dead face, charcoal sketch.”

He says he spent about 12 hours studying and learning the tools he used, including CLIP from OpenAI, an AI system that creates pairings of text and images, and then set the video to render on a cloud server. It took about 36…

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