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All kinds of workers are posting TikToks while on the job – Source

By Elizabeth C. Tippett4 minute Read

As the Thanksgiving holiday was winding down, a medical center in Salem, Oregon, found itself in the middle of a frothing social media mess. A nurse named Ashley Grames posted a video on TikTok that went viral in which she mock-confessed to ignoring coronavirus health guidelines.

The video—which Grames has since taken down, though it remains available on other feeds—is less than 15 seconds long. And if you’re not familiar with TikTok tropes, the video will seem very weird. The nurse is wearing scrubs and seemingly at a medical facility. She lip-syncs to a short audio clip from “The Grinch” and mocks her coworkers’ outrage at her decision to flout the state mask mandate outside of work.

The nurse’s antics drew some unflattering attention to her employer, Salem Health, which suspended her pending an investigation. But it highlighted the ease with which employees can pull out a phone on the sly and share a little clip before the boss is…

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