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Amazon details huge expansion plans for Bellevue, Washington – Source CNET Internet News


At Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle.

James Martin/CNET

Amazon said Thursday that it’s planning to rapidly expand its hiring in Bellevue, Washington, just east of its Seattle headquarters, in a sign of the company’s continued interest in bringing on tens of thousands more employees.

The company said it’s on track to create over 15,000 new jobs in Bellevue within the next few years, after it opened its first office in 2017 and now has 2,000 employees there. In comparison, Amazon’s Seattle headquarters has over 50,000 employees.

Signs of Amazon’s interest in Bellevue, which is already home to T-Mobile, have been obvious since last year. That’s when Amazon revealed plans for a 43-story office tower, its tallest building…

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Source CNET Internet News

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