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Amazon ditches controversial FC ambassador program – Source

Amazon has reportedly ended its controversial program through which certain workers tweeted nice things about the company on social media, closing the book on what cynics might call a case study in how to never market.

The program was a PR effort, launched back in 2018, as Amazon was facing increasing criticism for the work conditions in its fulfillment centers. The company was growing at dizzying speeds, adding tens of thousands of new warehouse workers per year (and still is!)—but a number of news reports alleged that warehouses got too hot, that pay was too low, and, most infamously, that workers in some facilities were resorting to peeing in water bottles because they couldn’t access a bathroom in the break time allotted.

Now, insiders tell the Financial Times that Amazon quietly shuttered the program late last year because senior executives “were unhappy with the scheme’s poor reach.” The report also says Amazon did its best to scrub away all traces of the online…

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