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What your organization looks like in the eyes of a cyber attacker – Source

It’s easy to grow numb to numbers. The projected loss, in dollars, from what is clearly an unabating wave of cyberattacks has gotten so extreme that it has become, well, meaningless. Seven years ago (a lifetime in technology), CSO reported that companies and governments were losing $400 billion per year to cybercrime.

Truth is, cybercrime is just getting warmed up, fueled by sophisticated criminal enterprises and state-sponsored terrorists flocking to cyberspace. It’s hardly news.

Let’s understand in a bit more detail the motivations behind cyber crime and common methods criminals use.


There are many different types of cyber crimes, and the kind of attack can vary based on the end goal or motive of the criminal. Motivations include:

• Financial: Data is the new oil, and money is obviously the biggest lure for crime. When we talk about cyberattacks like ransomware or business email compromise, we know that a majority of these attacks are financially motivated.


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