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Amazon-owned Zoox unveils boxy self-driving car – Source

The Amazon-owned mobility company Zoox has revealed its autonomous vehicle—a boxy-looking affair that bears few reference points to the human-operated cars we’re accustomed to.

The vehicle has a compact, squarish design, with attractive rounded corners and large glass doors on both sides. There’s no front or back per se–the vehicle can roll in either direction. Inside, you find two seats on each side, facing each other. The vehicle’s main resemblance to conventional automobiles is its four rubber tires.

And despite the big unveiling this week, the vehicle isn’t actually Zoox’s main product. “At the core we’re in the autonomous vehicle rides business,” CEO Aicha Evans says. In other words, Zoox plans to eventually offer a driverless taxi service in urban areas. “We’re reinventing personal transportation to be safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable.”

Zoox CEO, Aicha Evans.[Photo: courtesy of Zoox]

In that frame, the Zooxmobile’s appearance makes more sense. It was…

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