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America’s COVID testing is a disaster. Here’s how to fix it. – Source

As delays in coronavirus test results plague countless cities and states across the country, it cannot be overstated how detrimental these haphazard testing operations are, not only to our nation’s public health, but also to any hope we have of getting our economy moving forward again.

When it comes to a virus that has an incubation period of two weeks, there is absolutely no point in taking a test if the patient has to wait more than a week for the results. These long delays render the results completely useless, not only for the patient, but also for the public health officials who need that data to make crucial decisions.

So how did we get to a point where 25% of the tests conducted in a city such as New York take at least a week to process? Or how in a state such as Georgia, results take upwards of 10 days? How is it acceptable that a diagnostics lab in Dallas could overbill governments, insurers, and patients at absurd rates such as $2,300 for a single test, while in other…

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