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An early glimpse of Steve Jobs and Apple in a 1981 video – Source

“The interesting thing about television is that it always seems to shoot for the lowest common denominator.”

That’s a wonderfully acidic takedown, and it’s not a shocker to hear the notoriously blunt Steve Jobs flinging it. What makes it particularly noteworthy is that he’s saying it to ABC News reporter Bob Brown in February 1981, in footage never meant for public consumption. The 25-year-old Apple cofounder was snarking about Brown’s profession as the two got ready for an interview that was preserved in unedited form and eventually digitized by ABC. At the time, Apple was less than five years old, and Jobs was not yet much of a celebrity, though the company’s profile and his had been considerably raised by Apple’s blockbuster IPO on December 12, 1980.

The video is a fascinating look at Steve Jobs in the process of becoming Steve Jobs. And here it is, thanks to a YouTube account called Sir Mix-A-Lot Rare Music:

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