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Android tablet with a 15-inch screen – Source

Amid Samsung’s new lineup of flagship tablets for 2022, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra stands out for an obvious reason.

With a 14.6-inch screen, it’s Samsung’s largest Android tablet to date and one that dwarfs even Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro. (Both are 7.7 inches tall in landscape mode, but the Tab S8 Ultra is 2.6 inches wider.) For all Apple’s talk of tablets replacing laptops, Samsung’s is actually large enough to stand in for a mid-sized notebook. (The larger iPad Pro’s screen is still a skosh smaller than the one on a 13-inch MacBook Air.)

The announcement is part of a broader launch for Samsung that also includes the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S8, the 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S8+, and a trio of Galaxy S22 phones. (The largest of those phones, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, is a spiritual successor to the Galaxy Note, built-in stylus and all.)

But while the oversized tablet hardware looks intriguing, Samsung spent little time discussing the software, and how it’s approaching Android…

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