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Maynard Webb’s final Dear Founder column for Fast Company – Source

The Fast Company Dear Founder column grew out of my book Dear Founder, published in 2018. While the book went to print, capping the letters of advice I wrote to founders to a limited number, the questions kept coming. How do I find a cofounder? What are the going rates for startup pay? Is 40 years old too old to succeed? I’m grateful that Fast Company gave me a platform to continue these conversations and an opportunity to share my advice—hard earned over 40 years in tech—more broadly.

Over time, the people who reached out to me evolved. We heard from founders as well as CEOs, executives, department heads, employees, angel investors, venture capitalists, board of director hopefuls, nonprofit leaders, and people leaving their careers and launching into the unknown. I’ve loved receiving and answering these questions over the last three years. It’s been an absolute privilege to be with people as they are navigating a crisis or contemplating a crossroads. I’ve been able to…

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