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Apple gives the 27-inch iMac a major revamp – Video – Source CNET Computer News

Apple’s got a major revision of the 27 inch iMac, it may be the very last new Intel powered Mac we ever see.
Should you upgrade now or wait for the inevitable Apple silicon version?
We all knew an iMac upgrade was coming long rumored Apple’s already updated a bunch of other Mac’s this year the 13 inch air and the 13 inch pro both got pretty big upgrades in the spring.
This iMac we knew it was going to happen but we didn’t know if it was going to be an Intel powered Mac like all Macs have been for many, many, many years or who’s going to be the first arm powered Mac.
The first one to use The Apple silicon that Apple announced at WWDC where they were going to use their own chips.
They were designing very similar to the ones in iPhones and iPads.
And that transition, Apple said was going to take a couple of years on a rolling basis, but you might start seeing these…

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Source CNET Computer News

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