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Apple iPad Air 2020 review: the sweet spot, elevated – Source

Last year, Apple revived its iPad Air brand and put it on a new iPad. But not that new an iPad. Instead, the 2019 iPad Air was a near-doppelgänger for what was then the previous-generation 10.5-inch iPad Pro. It lacked the latest niceties such as support for the newest Apple Pencil, which clings magnetically to the tablet’s edge and charges as it does so. But at $499, the Air filled a sizable niche: People who wanted something fancier than the $329 basic iPad but weren’t quite ready to splurge on an iPad Pro.

Now Apple has upgraded that iPad Air with a model that’s officially known as the fourth-generation iPad Air. It doesn’t take the iPad into new territory. But it does feel a lot fresher than its slightly warmed-over predecessor. This year’s Air sports Apple’s latest chip—the A14 Bionic, also seen in the iPhone 12–and a new version of Touch ID built into the power button on the edge. It also adopts the current iPad Air industrial design, works with both the…

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