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Apple unveils new Apple silicon M1 Mac chip Why you should care… – Source CNET Tech

At its November product event, the company revealed its new Arm-based Apple silicon M1 chip.

As the insides of computers become more like iPhones, we can expect better battery life, thinner designs and even, maybe, a lower price tag.

We’re expecting to see new Mac computers powered by “Apple silicon.”

New Mac computers powered by “Apple silicon” are expected later in the day.

It’s a double whammy for Amazon in Europe, as it comes under fire from the Competition Commission twice in one day.

In today’s top stories, experts say Apple’s next Mac computers won’t have Intel inside. Meanwhile, McDonald’s next burgers won’t have meat inside.

The social media sites have their hands full.

He sparred with the likes of Twitter and Facebook despite his immense popularity on those platforms.

One of Apple’s key suppliers went to “extraordinary lengths” to cover up the violations, the company said.

In today’s top stories, we prepare for the launch of next-gen consoles, Trump may lose his Twitter…

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