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Apple’s podcast app is getting worse and I will never stop using it – Source

Apple’s terrible podcast app has finally taught me a lesson about myself—and I don’t like it. If I were already mad at the app before, I’m utterly incensed at it now, due to all this unwanted introspection.

Before revealing the substance of what I’ve reluctantly learned, allow me to recap the drama surrounding this bewildering app.

Apple’s podcast player was never quite a fan favorite, but its reputation took a massive hit after a disastrous update last spring. Even had it worked properly, the redesign felt like users were always trying to find their favorite podcasts on a stranger’s device, leaving entire queues scrambled or decimated, as it did—but an infestation of bugs made the app even less inhabitable. It was so bad that I soon started surveying all the other podcast apps on offer . . . without ever taking the leap, of course.

So it came as not much of a surprise the other day when I noticed that the app had gotten even worse, despite its suspiciously high rating…

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