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Baldur’s Gate 3: First impressions of a dice-filled fantasy – Source CNET Computer News


Be sure to practice your elf vampire conversation skills. 


The questions came over Slack almost immediately. When you tell people you’re going to see a couple of hours of prerelease live gameplay from Baldur’s Gate 3, you quickly find out who the old-school fans of CRPGs (that’s computer roleplaying games for you Gen Zers) in the office are. 

To answer the most burning big-picture question, based on the first hour-plus of gameplay I saw at a recent demo session in New York, the game is about 20% Baldur’s Gate and about 80% Divinity: Original Sin 2. That’s because game developer Larian, maker of both the latter, a hit 2017 RPG, and this new game, is doing what it does best — building a fully 3D fantasy world…

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