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Best 15-inch laptops of 2020 for work, gaming or both – Source CNET Computer News

Why a 15-inch laptop? As the middle child between smaller, less powerful 13-inch laptops and more expensive, big-screen 17-inch models, 15 inches strikes the Goldilocks balance between price, performance and size for many people — at least in the US. Some other regions find 14 inches more to their liking, which is why we have so many similar options to choose from in both sizes.

We’ve culled a lineup of our top 15-inch laptop picks based on design, performance for a given set of specs (aka, their configuration) and features for the money. Because configurations, specs, designs and availability tend to change so frequently, we’ve limited our choices for this particular roundup to laptops we’ve reviewed roughly in the past year. So, for instance, the LG Gram 15, which blew us away with its battery life and light…

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Source CNET Computer News

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